The Consortium for Critical Diversity in a Digital Age Research (CEDAR) is comprised of a core faculty that is guided by our mission, vision, and goals.


CEDAR serves as an interdisciplinary catalyst for human-centered digital scholarship and public engagement at MSU.


Our work is critically and culturally engaged. We are dedicated to working with and for our communities and publics. As a result, our digital practice is human-centered and ethically grounded. Together we seek to engender empathy and respect for multiple perspectives by considering the lessons of our pasts, presents, and futures.


  • Reclaiming: using digital methods to locate, present, and engage with texts, practices, and media productions that for various historical, cultural, and socioeconomic reasons have been neglected, underappreciated, or ignored;
  • Preserving: promoting the use and creation of digital archives and other sites with attention to how knowledge is produced and valued in the first place; engaging issues related to form, aesthetic, and material transformations, reception, access, and dissemination;
  • Interconnecting: building and fostering participatory networks through innovative modes of digital practice and engagement that create enriching publics, advance knowledge, and orient our efforts toward questions of historical oppression and contemporary social justice.